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Dave Gajadhar

Business Modernization & Optimization Advisor

Resultant Group

Dave Gajadhar is a practicing Sustainability, Innovation, and Accountability Management Advisor with a special focus on Government, Regulated industries and Socio-Economic Sustainability services across North America and the Caribbean.

Dave's industry experiences in Utilities, Government, Tourism, Manufacturing, Regulated industries, Human and Health Services, Aboriginal communities developing and implementing business strategies, policy changes, Sustainability growth practices with particular emphasis on public-private partnerships, competition, government efficiency, transparency, accountability, growth and performance. Dave has experience with Canadian and international organizations, executives, legislators and elected officials is aligning business strategies, technology, politics, and civil society to empower new levels of employee innovation and citizen engagement, improve government performance, enhance accountability in government programs and reduce spending.

The current fiscal challenges facing corporations and government influences new partnerships where they do not currently exists, my objective is to find new creative and innovative means to support sustainability, finance growth, infrastructure and deliver shared services across communities. Dave assures that business and government initiatives are delivered appropriately and support maximum quality, efficiency and effectiveness, and works to continually widen the scope of operations and growth potential at national and regional levels.

Dave is also a strong advocate for vulnerable citizens, persons with restricted mobility and skills to further educate themselves and seek opportunities for employment and independence.

Dave Gajadhar
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