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Alex Dow

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Mirai Security

Over the past two decades, Alex has worked within three mission-critical security operation centres (SOC), including the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics SOC, has established Vancouver’s cyber security community and in 2017 co-founded one of Western Canada’s largest cyber security consultancy. 


Alex is a community builder. In 2013 he established Vancouver’s cyber security community through the founding of the BSides Vancouver cybersecurity conference. In 2017, frustrated with how broken cyber security consulting had become, forged Mirai Security from within the community. Mirai Security has quickly become the centre for cyber security excellence in Western Canada by attracting cyber security professionals who want to do cyber security better. 


Alex is an innovator. Over the years, he has focused on balancing risk by pragmatically improving situational awareness and incident response capabilities through business-enabling security architectures. Today, Alex is the Chief Innovation Officer at Mirai Security. Mirai, Japanese for the future, focuses on the “future of cyber risk” by helping enterprises securely digitally transform through innovative governance, secure Cloud adoption and maturing software development practices to align with privacy and security requirements.  


Alex is a thought leader. He has a passion for knowledge and giving back to the community through public speaking, contributing to cyber security books, has taught for the SANS Institute, and continues to advise the higher education sector on the future of cyber security. 

Alex Dow
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