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North of 60 Mining News

North of 60 Mining News is an Alaska-based trade publication that provides the most complete coverage of mining and mineral exploration across Alaska, northern British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

The weekly online edition of Mining News keeps readers up-to-date on current events important to the mining sector, as well as updates from the exciting mineral exploration properties, mine development projects and operating mines in Alaska and across Canada’s North.

On top of delivering up-to-date mining coverage to subscribers’ email each week, the monthly print edition digs deeper into the issues, projects, companies and people that are vital to ensuring a strong mining sector across North of 60 Mining News’ coverage area.

North of 60 Mining News also publishes Mining Explorers, an annual magazine that covers more than 50 mineral exploration companies unlocking the vast mineral wealth for which Alaska and northern Canada are renowned.

Together, these publications are the most comprehensive and reliable source of mining news coverage north of the 60° parallel.

Media Partner
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